Distance By City

Below are the approximate distances to Big Bend.

  • Abilene: 420 miles
  • Amarillo: 500 miles
  • Austin: 500 miles
  • Corpus Christi: 560 miles
  • Dallas: 590 miles
  • El Paso: 300 miles
  • Houston: 640 miles
  • Lubbock: 390 miles
  • Midland: 250 miles
  • San Angelo: 330 miles
  • San Antonio: 430 miles

Day One

Meet at the offices of Far-Flung Guides in Terlingua. A short instruction on rafting etiquette and procedures will be followed by the packing of gear into watertight rubber bags. Cameras and binoculars go into sealing ammunition boxes. Drive to the Put-In at the historic river crossing in Lajitas. Launch onto the river; stop for a cold lunch by the river, then return to the boats for a brief float to the evening campsite... Pitch tents, dine in great style, enjoy the concert and the river, the nighthawks and owls.


Gourmet trips are leisurely, with plenty of time during each day for exploration, swimming, or just enjoying the view. On the first day, we meet at the Flung Adventures office in the Ghost Town of Terlingua. Gear is packed into watertight bags. We drive to the historic river crossing in Lajitas and launch on the river.

We stop for lunch by the river, in sun or shade, depending upon the weather, and return to the boats for the float to camp. At the campsite we pitch tents, dine in great style, and enjoy the concert of musicians, the river and the sounds of nature.

Day Two

Awake to the smell of freshly brewed cowboy coffee from a fire-blackened pot and a hearty breakfast by Francois. Perhaps take a short hike away from the river corridor into the totally different world of the desert. Watch aerial ballet of hummingbirds contending for bright flowers. Pack your gear for another morning on the river. Float past ancient lava beds and modern-day camps where Mexican peasants turn Candilla (a desert plant) into one of the world's highest quality waxes


Float through Santa Elena, a canyon whose sheer limestone walls drop sharply into the Rio Grande's waters from a height of up to 1,500 feet. At one point, the Rockslide Rapid, the river curls its way through a mass of boulders that has fallen off the canyon walls.

On the Texas side of the river, the Mesa de Anguila rises into the sky; until now you have floated past the mountain... Now you will penetrate its' heart. Not far past from the sinuous entrance rapids the rockslide appears. A huge section of the canyon wall tumbled into the river thousands of years ago, all but blocking the channel. The river now makes it's way over, around, and under house-sized boulders; a labyrinth that leaves little latitude in the course it takes. Enjoy another riverside lunch and continue on to camp.

At camp within the canyon, Francois will prepare another of his superb meals while you kick back and discuss the events of the day. The setting sun illuminates the canyon wall high above your head while a canyon wren bounces its trilling song around the natural echo chamber.

Day Three


The third day, rise to catch the sunrise as it lights up the towering canyon walls. After breakfast, pack your bag for the last time and head down river to explore more of the canyons features before continuing downstream and exploring more of these beautiful canyons. As if we need it by this time, another excellent Far Flung Adventures deli-style lunch is served. Early to mid afternoon, we bid adieu to the Rio Grande, and make our way back to the real world of highways, telephones, and fast food.

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